For almost 3 years I have been working sporadically with 7MND (Hamad Ebrahim, @7amandi) on a Deep House and Techno project under the band name Slimfit Tea.  After a total of 7 individual tracks, we managed to find our sound: groovy beats, funky basslines, melodic guitars, warm pads, and vibes swaying between the ethereal and the dark.

It all started with an experiment at Hamad’s bedroom, in which I challenged him to put guitars on a Deep House track.  After laying down the foundations, I left Hamad with his headphones and his guitar, while I coached his sister Hala on vocals and co-wrote lyrics with her (which worked out pretty well for the track, despite the fact she had never sang a note in her life).  He switches the audio output to speaker and slams the spacebar.

What. The. Holy. Whoa.

Thus was the birth of Slimfit Tea with our first track “Put my Socks On.”

We really could not stop there.  We had to explore the potential for this project and where we can take it.  Six more tracks followed over the 3 years, each with its unique personality, carrying pieces of myself and Hamad and our influences.  The second project was Midnight Chaser, in which Hamad and I wanted to take the tracks in slightly different directions, and so ended up with two versions.

What followed after that was the completion of 5 tracks:

“Blending” – A euphoric deep techno groove with an amazing guitar lead, a funky beat, deep vibes, and incredible use of guitars. Dare I say, it’s a little trancy.

“Maniac Mind” – A result of bass guitar doodle jam using freaky plugins, this track is a dark, epic house pounder, a dive into the burning landscapes of a violent mind.

“Misty Mire” – Sampling the soundtrack to the game Unravel, beautifully composed by Frida Johansson and Henrik Oja, this is a Deep and ethereal walk through the misty mire.

“Aurora” – What started off as an early experimental project by Hamad ended up built upon and unleashed as a deep Techno number with a lot of ethereal ambience, all layered on top of a funky bassline and beat.

And finally, “Sound” – A funky bassline wound tight around a funky beat, all in the warm embrace of organesque pads, with a drop that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand. Have you heard the Sound?

The last step in the process will be the reworking of the track that started it all “Put my Socks On,” and mastering all the tracks.  We will announce the release date on all streaming services very soon, so stay tuned and watch this space!