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A Prayer to the Sun

New track! Whether rising or setting, whether you bask in its warm glow on Earth or bow down to its sheer ferocity in space, it is ours; our beautiful life giving star. Expect warm pads, dew drop synths and a wonky bassline, floating on a jackin’ slow house beat. Listen here: And remember, you can always sign up to the… Read more →

First Track of 2016!

When I was at university in Edinburgh in my second and third year I lived with three musically talented individuals, one of which was Euan Thow, a Tenor Sax player. Euan once came to me with a double bass sample he thought would fit a house track, but it baffled me because it was in thirds. For a whole year… Read more →

A Sudden Surge of Inspiration

After a long period of no completed projects, I managed to complete four tracks in the space of 2 weeks. ┬áThis is thanks to a dear fellow DJ, Gazi AlAradi, who after a discussion on production offered to listen to my unfinished projects. ┬áThat forced me to listen through all of it and realize some of them were very close… Read more →