About Ahmed Zainal

Photo by Abdulla Minhas

“I just want to make people dance.  No feeling compares to the euphoria a DJ gets when they face a sea of people dancing with grinning, happy faces.  My happy place is being behind the decks.”

A Bahraini Techno, House and Electronica Producer and DJ, Ahmed Zainal (QWRK, Ed Buzzerk, Slim Fit Tea) has been delving in the underbelly of the Bahraini music scene for over 15 years, only recently emerging.

His productions, DJ sets, and live act roam in the spectrum between minimal, funky bassline Deep House, and dark, pounding Techno grooves, with various transits around leftfield Electronica. Inspired by artists and DJs the likes of The Prodigy, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Dr. Dre, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Soulfly, Pantera, Green Day, Ed Real, Dave Clarke, Derrick May, and Chris Liberator (to name a few!), Ahmed’s music is a binding mesh of elements drawn from his surroundings.

Under the artist name Ed Buzzerk, Ahmed has become a familiar face in the underground House night “art.haus.”  His radio show “Rumble in the Depths” is a plunge into the deeper and darker sides of House and Techno, highlighting forgotten gems about the Bahraini nightlife scene with his exclusive interviews with local DJs and artists from Bahrain.

Ahmed prides himself as a great collaborator, and has had the pleasure to work with numerous local artists and up and coming talents in many styles. Look out for releases on various labels in 2020!